It was good while it lasted...

Dovetail has been a side project and bootstrapped from the beginning. It started organically in a coworking space, and our goal was to create a tool for space managers that enabled them to spend less time doing administration tasks and more time connecting with the members of their community. Over 1,500 coworking spaces worldwide have used Dovetail and we couldn't be more grateful for that.

It's been nearly 4 years since our initial launch. We had hoped that by this time we would be further along with our roadmap, but the reality is we are not. Due to our limited time, resources, and other commitments, we've come to the conclusion that it doesn't make sense to continue operating Dovetail, and have decided to shut it down. It's hard to say goodbye, but it is time.

Moving forward without us...

You can still continue to use Dovetail in its current state until January 31, 2018, after which we will be shutting down the servers and you will no longer have access to the application. We will be removing all admin and member login data once the shutdown is complete, and we will never give any of our customers' data to a third party.

If you're running a coworking space, you need a space management tool. Most products are chalked full of features you'll never use. We've always believed in a simple feature set for coworking space software. That's why we recommend...

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As the founders of Dovetail, we want to thank you for giving us a chance. We appreciate the support over the years, and look forward seeing the global coworking movement continue to grow!

Vince and Matt

If you’re interested in what we’re up to, you can find us on Twitter at @sourdoughlabs and @farleymatters.