Member management for coworking spaces.

A simple solution for communities both big and small.

We help space managers stay organized

Dovetail is a simple, easy to use web app that helps you keep track of the people in your community. You can onboard new members, create or update membership plans and collect payments all from the same place. Keeping a pulse on the state of your coworking community has never been easier.

Unlimited Everything

No limits on number of members, admins or anything else. And no additional charges per transaction either.

Easy Onboarding

Fill in some contact details and select a plan to kickoff an automated signup process for new members. It's that easy.

Effortless Payments

Integrate your Stripe account and take one-off payments from members or bill them every month, automatically.

Informative Metrics

Review financials and trend data over time. Keep track of community size, member churn, and other useful metrics.

Extremely Flexible

You're free to run your space your way. Create the plans and resources you need. We give you mechanisms, not policies.

Multi-location Support

Have more than one location? No problem. You can manage memberships for multiple spaces with a single account.

Trusted by spaces

Whether you've just opened the doors or you're an established community, Dovetail can help simplify member management for your coworking space. Beta testers agree.

Unlimited everything for free.

No restrictions on members, admins or anything else.

The Free Plan

$ 0 /MO

As we introduce new features, we'll add additional subscription plans. But we'll make sure to give everyone plenty of notice before that happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your answer? Email us.

Why is Dovetail free to use?

At this point, the app is functional, but the feature set is pretty basic. We believe in building in public, so we're letting coworking spaces use our app for free while we collect feedback and roll out additional features. Paid plans will come later.

No limits on anything, really?

That's right. We've always thought that coworking space management software shouldn't meter pricing based on community size, or anything else for that matter. With Dovetail, you get access to a set of features for a flat monthly fee.

How secure is my member data?

We use secure 256-bit SSL encryption and all data is stored securely on Linode SSD servers at their Freemont, CA datacenter. We don't store any credit card data in our app either. Stripe handles that.

What's on your feature roadmap?

Meeting room scheduling, team billing, attenance tracking and other useful features. But we're not getting paid to work on Dovetail -- it's a boostrapped project, so development time might be slow.

Who are you guys?

Matt Farley and Vince Hodges. We're just a couple of coworking enthusiasts who believe in the movement and wanted to contribute to it in some way.

What if I need help?

Send an email to or mention @GetDovetail and help will be on the way! We try to be pretty responsive with support requests.

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